Tube Cutting Head

We have developed a range of high-performance laser cutting heads specifically designed for tube cutting applications power ranging from 3 to 20 kW, including the 3T series, 4T series, 5H series, and more.When combined with the B-axis, these cutting heads can accomplish beveling cutting for different types of tubes. They are easy to install, provide stable cutting performance, and deliver excellent results. For more details, please refer to the respective product introductions.

Related Products

Related Products

  • Cutting Head

  • BLT310T
    • Power range up to 4kW(straight cutting head)

  • BLT421TS
    • Power range up to 6kW(straight cutting head)

  • BLT441T
    • Power range up to 20kW(straight cutting head)

  • BLT421CS
    • Power range up to 8kW(square cutting head)

  • BLT520H
    • Power range up to 6kW(square cutting head)

  • BLT540H
    • Power range up to 15kW(square cutting head)

  • BLT560H
    • Power range up to 20kW(square cutting head)

  • B Axis
    • Rotary Axis